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I'm a Pacific Northwest pixelsmith practicing front-end website & graphic design. I craft quality, expressive, and useful visual experiences on and off-screen. Here you'll be able to learn more about me, my work, and my findings. Catch me hanging out at these fun spots too:

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  1. MKC Photography Rebrand

    Just finished up a little rebranding work for Mary Collier of MKC Photography. Most locals know of Mary’s excellent natural light photographs featuring families, kids, and infants. She does wonderful work and needed a visual identity that better reflected what her brand has become. It’s always fun to work with other creatives because they often have an idea in mind already, its just up to you to translate it and put it all together.


    Old Logo



    New Logo & Style Guide

    The new MKC logo needed to mature slightly while still holding on to a bit of it’s innocence. We went with a straight typographical styled logo that would work on all kinds of digital and print mediums. The two type styles really reflect Mary’s personality; the playful/whimsical MKC nicely compliments the über modern type used in “photography”. Keep a look out for Mary’s new look and head on over to her Facebook Page to view some of her work.


    Window Graphics


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  4. Vermilyea Pelle – Handmade Leather Goods

    Charley Voorhis of Voortex Productions put together this great little piece on a new-ish company called Vermilyea Pelle. Owned and operated by Dustin Spencer, Vermilyea Pelle handcrafts all sorts of custom leather goods. I personally have not purchased any items yet, but I can tell you that by the looks of these products, a lot of names have been taken care of on my Christmas list this year.

    It’s exciting to see folks really enjoy their craft. The passion behind these products is evident in the workmanship and I’ve heard nothing but good reviews by people who have already picked up a few of these specialty items. Have a look for yourself  and support a local startup in your neck of the woods: Vermilyea Pelle.

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  7. Illustrator: Rotate Guides

    Another useful tool is the ability to rotate guides in Illustrator. You can do this by first creating a horizontal or vertical guide on your Artboard. Next, select “R” and then click anywhere on the guide. This should create a retical point. Finally, click and drag anywhere on the Artboard and watch your guide rotate on the axis point you created. You can hold down Shift while dragging and reach 45° easily.

    Short: Create Guide > “R” + Click Guide > Click/Drag Off Guide = Rotate Guides

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  9. Illustrator: Copy Artboard + Contents

    I keep forgetting this simple trick so I’m going to jot it down. In Adobe Illustrator you can copy your artboard and all of it’s content by selected the Artboard Tool and then hold down Option and click/drag the existing artboard to it’s new location. This will create a copy of the artboard dimensions and the contents as well. Be careful because it makes for messy layer organization if you get too carried away.

    Short: (Artboard Tool) Option + Click/Drag Artboard = Copy Artboard & Contents

  10. “Or Here!”

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

    Friday evening was eventful. My family and I had the pleasure of providing some unique props for a North 40 Productions video shoot. Jeff Ostenson, Charles Atkinson, Oly Mingo, and Chad Yenney boarded our Centurion Enzo to shoot a little video clip that will be featured in an up and coming local commercial. Charles had the privilege of getting wet in his Sunday best. The goal was to get a decent shot of Charles surfing  and yelling, “or here!” After a couple tries and few laughs, I’m pretty sure it was accomplished. I’ve always loved video production so it was pretty cool to watch the pros do their thing.

    Here’s a couple clips of the action: Video 1 | Video 2

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    When searching for creative inspiration and other useful things, one of the problems I’ve faced when actually finding them is being able to keep track and store them. I’ve built quite an extensive bookmark folder tree, but it becomes rather useless when it’s time to actually go back and find something specific. I’ve also used Pinterest here and there, but it just doesn’t do all that I need when it comes to saving items.

    Recently, I found a new app called (pretty sweet suffix eh?). It’s basically like a detailed Pinterest if you will. It has sort of the same idea in mind where you’re able to “pin” or save things through the browser to custom boards, or “icebergs” as they’re called. The cool thing is you’re not limited to just images. Instead, it can be an image, content, or even the whole website. It even allows you to keep notes about your bookmarks which is really nice for organization.

    I’m still checking it out, but that’s in a nutshell. Give it a try.

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  14. OSX Server

    osx-serverThis week we stepped our game up and finally invested in a server at work. We went with a Mac Mini running OSX Server and so far it’s been pretty awesome. It’s a big leap forward in comparison to where we were (shared files). No more file permission issues, new shared calendars and contacts, internal iMessaging, and an online wiki are the features we’re using heavily.

    I’m most excited about the internal wiki resource personally. It’s great to finally be able to create a dynamic “how-to” guide that everyone can benefit from. The search, category, and tagging system is exactly what we needed and it will be exciting to watch the resource guide grow.

    We originally delayed getting a server because we had assumed that we needed to get a Mac Pro to power OSX Server efficiently. However, after a little research we found that, that would have been very excessive. Turns out the Mac Mini has enough braun to create a very efficient server environment for a small business; the best part is that it was half the price.

    We hired a specialist from the Apple Consultants network, Greg Ashworth of iDigital LLC. Greg was great and it was definitely worth it to work with a specialist for the initial setup. The install and setup went rather quickly, only taking about 3/4 of a day. There weren’t really any hangups or troubles and so far we’ve had all good experiences with OSX Server right out of the gate.

    Here’s to a new beginning.

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