Pow Day at Stevens Pass

After experiencing a dry spell this February, a strong winter storm came barreling through the Cascades. We made it count with a Powder day at Stevens Pass! 15 inches of new dropped in less than 24 hours, so my dad and I left town around 7 AM, grabbed some Starbucks, and headed up into the mountains. The snow-line was not present until we exited Leavenworth, WA. Then you were able to see some pretty spectacular views.

Before long, we found ourselves getting dumped on when we started nearing Stevens. Surprisingly, the ticket line wasn’t too bad. However, the chairlift line, that was a different story.

Saga Kids

We immediately rallied with my cousin Zack at the chair. He was up there with his crew getting some fresh tracks in as well. It was pretty cool to take a few runs with them as Stevens Pass has been their stomping ground for a couple years now. We ventured slightly off piste right before lunch and ended up in this area called, “The Meadows.” It was a quiet, powder-filled slope that was riddled with trees and seemed to go on forever. For a while, I thought we were way off track, but eventually we dropped right into the parking lot.


We were pretty gased after “The Meadows” so we hit the lunch line. Stevens has a reputation for having pretty expensive food, but we managed to find this burrito bar that was relatively cheap. With lunch in our bellies we carried on and tried to go find any last powder spots that hadn’t been tracked out yet.

A Short Round 2

We only lasted until about 2:30 PM for the second half of the day. The mountain became pretty tracked which equaled lots of hard turns and our energy was spent pretty quickly. Overall, it was a pretty awesome day; ending the season on a high note.

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