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When searching for creative inspiration and other useful things, one of the problems I’ve faced when actually finding them is being able to keep track and store them. I’ve built quite an extensive bookmark folder tree, but it becomes rather useless when it’s time to actually go back and find something specific. I’ve also used Pinterest here and there, but it just doesn’t do all that I need when it comes to saving items.

Recently, I found a new app called (pretty sweet suffix eh?). It’s basically like a detailed Pinterest if you will. It has sort of the same idea in mind where you’re able to “pin” or save things through the browser to custom boards, or “icebergs” as they’re called. The cool thing is you’re not limited to just images. Instead, it can be an image, content, or even the whole website. It even allows you to keep notes about your bookmarks which is really nice for organization.

I’m still checking it out, but that’s in a nutshell. Give it a try.

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