Drafted. Finally…

DribbbleSo, recently, after nine months of sitting on the bench, I was drafted on Dribbble. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Dribbble, it’s basically a social network for designers. You start out as a prospect, create a profile, post your website/portfolio to your account, sit, and wait. Wait to be drafted by an actual dribbble player that is. And what does player status entail exactly? Well, basically you get to post nifty little 400 x 300 pixel snapshots (now 800 x 600) of your latest design projects. Theoretically, other players will then “like”or comment on your work, and if you’re lucky, give some constructive criticism which can be pretty helpful.

Pick Me Coach!

Jeffrey ZeldmanI waited a long time to get drafted and it came about in sort of an odd way. I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts, Shoptalk Show, a few months ago and guest speaker Jeffrey Zeldman was on. Zeldman is a pioneer in the web community. He’s the founder of Happy Cog, A List Apart, and An Event Apart. A pretty big deal if you’re into the whole web design thing.

A listener had submitted a a question about how to get going on Dribbble. Zeldman gave a few hints and tips and then more or less invited the listener to just shoot him an email and he’d return a player invite. Pretty awesome. So, I thought “hey, I should do that!”.  And I did. I sent Mr. Zeldman a little email and within a day or two, BOOM!

I’ve sent you a Dribbble invite. Do us both proud, kid!  😀

And well, there you have it. Pretty stoked to not only be on Dribbble, but also about getting an actual response from a Podcast guest. I tip my hat to you Mr. Zeldman. Thank you good sir.

My Dribbble Profile.

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